Apr 4, 2013

Meet the Team: Spring Interns

At Ear Candy Charity we're super thankful for the support we get from the community and this includes students who spend their volunteer time and internships working with us! We've welcomed a couple of new interns this spring and have found that not only are they hard working, but they're super cool music lovers too! 

Read on to learn about some of our new team members:

Meet Evan

Evan is a junior at Arizona State University studying tourism. He is also a die hard music fan and a talented musician (he plays trumpet for ASU's concert band!).

What instruments do you play?

The trumpet is my main instrument but I wanted to get into singing and playing rather than just playing which is why I decided to teach myself guitar and ukulele. I have been playing the trumpet for eleven years, the guitar for two years and  the ukulele for about six months. 

What made you decide to play the trumpet?

In fifth grade, I, along with my classmates, had the opportunity to try out many different instruments. I think I tried out the clarinet first and then the flute but didn't like either of them. Then I came across the trumpet and I liked the size of it and really loved the sound of it.

What is your favorite genre of music to play?

On the trumpet, although I've played in school bands my whole life and have become
accustomed to music meant for band and classical music, my favorite style of music to play is
Jazz. I enjoy playing Jazz music because improvisation is one of my favorite things to do when I play music and that is what Jazz is all about.

What music do you like to listen to and do you have any favorite artists?

I pretty much listen to anything but the majority of the music I listen to and that is on my
iTunes is Reggae, Country, Jazz, and Alternative. My favorite artists that I enjoy listening to the
most would have to be Rebelution and the Expendables which are Reggae bands. I also like, Chris Botti
who is a Jazz trumpet player and Mindi Abair who is a Jazz saxophone player. 

What is the best part about working with Ear Candy?

The best part about working with Ear Candy would have to be working at the McDowell
Mountain Music Festival. You get to see some great bands perform while promoting Ear Candy.
In addition, I enjoy being a part of Ear Candy’s mission which is to promote youth access to
music education. Music is a very important part of my life and I am very passionate about it and I know that if I didn't have the opportunity to learn music in school I would not be the same person today. I've been a part of school music programs ever since I was in the fifth grade and kids around Arizona deserve the same opportunity that I once had. The people within the Ear Candy organization are also great people to be around and work with.

Meet Olga

Olga is a senior at Arizona State University, she'll be completing her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Nonprofit Administration and Human Communication, plus a certificate in Special Event Management, this spring (woo hoo!).

What's your connection to music?

I got involve with music at a fairly young age but I didn't really start to form my music taste until I was 18. I began to learn how to play the guitar when I was 14. My first guitar was a beaten up classical guitar that my dad bought for me at a pawn shop in South Phoenix for $15. In the beginning I took it lightly more of a chore than a passion but a year later I was deeply involved with my guitar you can almost say that I was obsessed!

What were some of the first songs that you learned how to play on the guitar?

Some of the first songs that I learned how to play on the guitar were: “Free Falling” by Tom
Petty, “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Lauryn Hill, and
“Folsom Prison” by Johnny Cash.

Were you ever in a band?

Yes. I was in a garage punk band called The Eggers. We were absolutely terrible but we weren't
in a band to ‘make it’ we did it to have fun and to keep us from ‘vandalizing’ which we called
beautifying the hood. But to each their own.

What artists inspire you?

I don’t go a day without a listen to songs by Lauryn Hill, Gang Starr, Los Crudos, Brand New, Calle
13, Ceremony, and Rage Against The Machine.

What does music mean to you?

To me music is life. I know that to some people it may sound silly for me to say such but
truthfully I cannot see myself not being involved with music whether it be my career or daily
life routines. Mostly importantly music to me is a mode of expression, advocacy, and poetry
whether it be punk rock, hip hop, or folk it reaches people through airwaves; it cross borders,
seas, oceans, trespasses languages.


If you're interested in learning more about how you can work with Ear Candy Charity, visit us at EarCandyCharity.org to see how you can get involved or drop us a line at info@earcandycharity.org.

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